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thequeerpioneer said: Since you're a Bay Area native as I am, I feel I should respect boundaries and ask this question. How do you feel about blogs that post NSFW content that also love your work enough to reblog it?

Thank you for asking! I really like that people can showcase sexuality on tumblr. I don’t look for the line between art and pornography, but both need to be created with consent and respect. When I upload photos on the internet, I don’t expect to control their distribution. Share and credit and I’m happy!

Yeelen pretending that this is a comfortable reading space.
Home from work, first things first- take off my bra and sit on our stoop.
Carl’s Junior after the Chance concert.
Anon at the Chance The Rapper concert last night.
Anonymous said: You took a photo of me at the concert tonight! How do I get it

I’ll post it now.

jaystones said: nice photography! keep it going


Lily Yu
Venice Beach, CA
Venice Beach, CA
Feeling myself.
bb boy
trust no one
Thrift town top shelf selection.